Thai Essence Services

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Home-style Thai food for your special gathering,
from Sit-down Dinner to Receptions

We serve delicious Thai food with excellent services.
Menu: Your Choices, consultation with Chef Phant is required.
Chef of a day services 
Sit down dinner
Passing Hors d’oeuvres
Price: $$ to $$$ (negotiable)
We also do Entertainment Dinner

We handle reception and corporate party. Home-cook Thai food with add on entertainment cater to your special gathering, Sit-down Dinner or Receptions. Location: your place or to be arranged. We start you and your guests with appetizer then 15 minutes presentation on aspects of Thai food. Followed by couple dishes of Thai cooking demonstration. Then full course dinner family style.

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Superb special Thai lunch boxes
Caters to your need.
Onsite cooking or just simply deliver.
We are one of the kind services that you will appreciate the freshness from onsite cooking method.  We provide a great services and unique menu. Flexibility and exchangeable. We use local ingredient, organic and gluten free.  Call, email or make  online inquiry. As your convenience, we make it easy for you to order. Please order 1-3 weeks a head of time. Advance deposit is required. Minimum order is 35, Maximum is 250.
Classic Bangkok food
Fresh healthy delicious Thai food
On Time Delivery
Guarantee the best result

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Hands-on with chef Phant
(cookbook author, chef instructor, owner)

Yes… When every bite counts, we make it a mouthful. These Thai cooking lessons with Chef Phant Worakul are not only ideal for friends and family gatherings, enjoying fun activities together, but also for gaining a lifelong understanding and skill in Thai cooking which will further enhance your life style to suit your health and the well-being.

Class begins with a brief introduction and presentation on aspects of Thai foods (convey information, knowledge, culture and influence in Thai cooking) and an overview of the class menu. This is followed by chef Phant (Pon)’s demonstration and students sampling his food. Then students will work in small groups, duplicating the dish. Students will experience the techniques and fundamentals of each dish and have opportunities to ask questions. Chef Phant always gives personal attention to each group, evaluating, critiquing and helping students to successfully accomplish their task in each dish.

This intuitive hands-on session consists of 3 or 4 Thai dishes. The essential lessons of the session are learning how to create aromas, build textures, bring out flavors and balance the tastes in company with gaining an understanding of the composition and variations of a Thai meal. Private classes usually start with a Thai appetizer and wraps up with a complementary Thai dessert.

Nothing like it. A lot of fun, very experiential & educational, and satisfaction guarantee.

– Price: $$ – $$$
– Included the cost of food
– Wine of your choice, suggestions by Chef Phant (Pon)
– Number of students: 2-16
– Class length: 3 hours
– Recipes arrang with Chef Phant (Pon) Worakul
– All ingredients are prepared
– Location: your choice or to be arranged
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Thai food vendor

Under chef vision, we are out and about for your guy to sample his delicious Thai food, the classic Bangkok food. Many various location that we are selling our food in the Summer, the public setting, like Wednesday night market in Santa Rosa, The Barlow street fair in Sebastopol, Every other Sunday market in Sebastopol, and many more of a day event. Please check our calendar to find us. Thank you.

We are open to be a vendor of your auspicious events. Please indicate to us if you want the best Thai food in town to be part of your feasts. Our booth size is 10’x10′ or 10’x20′. We can handle the large crown and yet maintain the quality Thai food.

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